5 Reasons Why The Romanian Language Is On The Podium Of The Rare “Stones” Of Humanity

  • It is an old language in European territory. The Romanian people was formed to the North and South of the Danube river in the Carpathian-Danubian-Pontic space, in the hilly and mountainous regions. The formation process began in 106 and ended during the 7th-8th centuries, after the symbiosis and synthesis between Dacians and Romans. The Romanian language formed itself along with the Romanian people.
  • The Romanian language is written as it is heard.
  • It is a melodious language, with conciseness in expression, due to the decidedly enclitic article.
  • It is a lush language in terms of the number of words, expressions, sayings. The last edition of The Great Dictionary of the Romanian Language has over 170000 words, without numbering the diminutives.

The Romanian language and the humor

“[…] One of the races that the Romanian language extends is the fact that there is an abundance of words that differ very little phonetically and graphically, but that small difference is associated with a large semantic difference. For example, […] monogenous is homogeneous, the phoneme becomes the phenomenon, topology becomes typology, the hypothesis becomes hypotenuse, history becomes hysteria, convex becomes complex[…]” Solomon MARCUS (Romanian mathematician, member of the Mathematical Section of the Romanian Academy and emeritus professor of the University of Bucharest’s Faculty of Mathematics)

Example of Doina – original version

Întru Credință
(Doină de dor)

Plecat-au în țări străine,
Ca să le fie mai bine
Și-au lăsat în urma lor:
Țară, casă și-al lor dor.
Al lor dor înlăcrimat,
Prin copii întruchipat,
Ce-și dau frâu trăirilor,
La pieptul bunicilor.
Ruga ca o înălțare,
Pleacă tainic spre altare,
În liniștea nopții clare,
Luminată de izvoare.
Izvoare de luminițe,
Pline ochi de troienițe
Cu speranțe înfăptuite
Și dorințe-ndeplinite.
Că-n curând s-or reuni,
Și nu s-or mai despărți
Zâmbetul va izbândi,
Credința se va-mplini.

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