This volume is a working tool for both the student and the teacher because it helps them go through all the grammatical notions (Morphology and Syntax) thought according to an adequate plan, specific to each compartment of the Romanian language grammar. The e-book addresses the parts of speech, sentence, vocabulary, phonetics. The authors imprinted a practical-operational character to all pertinent motivations presented. The notions of morphology were permanently correlated with those of syntax, vocabulary, phonetics, but also with those of spelling and punctuation. We are currently working on this.


This is a complete and high-performance platform for learning Romanian grammar and solving tests. It is an experience that you will gain interactively by learning and verifying your knowledge. It represents a record confirmed over the years, through the success of previous generations. Solve free online tests!


Simplicity & Clarity

It's an easy-to-use platform that allows you to start learning & testing anywhere and anytime. It's simple and clear! We save your answers and show you the score and evolution. We present to you where you went wrong and how you develop your knowledge. Moreover, we accompany you by accessing "How do I use the platform?" or at the contact address.



We support you with theoretical notions of Phonetics, Vocabulary, Morphology, Syntax, specific tests to each field & grammatical subdomain, intuitive use, flexible subscriptions, free testing possibility and self-assessment, progressive monitoring, constructive feedback, everything to facilitate your success. You can see the Packages section.

Your Online Teacher

Sometimes you learn more from an explanation than from a theory page. Thus we have attached to most tests the justification of the correct answer. Additionally, if you need clarifications on the theory or tests, you can write in the section You ask, teacher answers. A Romanian language teacher will give you the necessary explanations as soon as possible.


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